Shady business

18 11 2008

Further update on C’s car.

The insurance adjuster went out today to look at her car.  And said that insurance would only cover $500 of the $1500 repair estimate.  Because part of the problem is the air box which the adjuster says is busted due to a previous accident before purchase.  He says that the headlight was replaced, the hood was worked on, blah blah blah.  So the warranty doesn’t cover “prior damage” and neither does the insurance.  Which means C now owes $1000.  Yeah.

C called the dealership, got on the phone with the guy that sold her the car and said “Hi.  Why did we spend hours going over the car’s details and Carfax and all this?  What the hell?  I wouldn’t have bought it if it had been in a prior accident.”

His manager calls her back and says that cars go through a 30 point inspection and if it wasn’t caught then it must not have existed.  C asks “an insurance adjuster can tell that it had this stuff, but your 30 point inspection can’t?”

Someone is bullshitting here.  C shouldn’t be paying for this, but she is.  And we’re officially screwed.  I can contribute a little bit to help her out, but seeing as I’m living on student loans and all . . . this is not good.

So, for the record, Maxwell Ford of Austin, TX.  You suck.




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