Customer Service

6 12 2008

I have a new favorite restaurant in town, El Greco.  I unabashedly love it.  C and I go there, M and I go there, sometimes all three of us, I brought my parents there while they were in town over Thanksgiving.  It’s great.

And because I love them, I give them good reviews on yelp.  They deserve it!  I hope they stay in business.

Anyway, last night I was there with C and M, and ran up to the counter to get dessert and coffee.  As I was paying, the guy who always asks after us (I think he’s the owner) caught my eye and said “You! You wrote those very nice reviews online.  I wanted to say thank you.”  And then an older woman walks out (his mother? I’ve seen her around) he whispers something to her, looks at me, and then SHE thanks me.

I say something like “Oh please, I love this place! I even brought my parents here when they were in town.”  And the owner remembered what day we were in and what my mother had ordered.

Take note, other businesses.  This is customer service done right.  Start with great product, but then make a point to talk with your customers.  If someone says something nice about you, thank them.  Not that hard.  I already thought the restaurant was great, but now I’m kind of in love with them.  And good on them for reading customer reviews online–not enough restaurants do that.  Which is weird, given the numerous places for people to post their opinions.  Plus, their gyro is one of the best.




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