You know you’re from Slidell

17 12 2008

Some of these I’ve heard, and some I made up.  I guess I’m feeling nostalgic and homesick today.

We all once feared Bayou Liberty when we first started driving. We conquer our fears.

The bridge over the railroad tracks at the end of Front Street scared us all at one point.

You were scared shitless in Drivers Ed by crooked-toed Anna Merryl and her husband with the bump on his head.

You don’t understand why the DMV is past a hairpin curve in the road, which makes the driving test worse.

You’ve gotten drunk at the Point.

You miss the old playground stuff at John Slidell. Like the fort and the giant tall thing with the ladder rungs too far apart for anyone and the only way down was the scary fireman’s pole.

You found a piece of cardboard and slid down the hill at John Slidell.

You waited in your car for 30 minutes to get a snowball on Gause even though there was nobody at the walk-up. It was just too hot to get out.

You think the speed bumps on West Hall are a joke and get mad when the person in front of you actually slows down for them.

You know how the Bayou Liberty/St. Genevieve bridge sounds and you can imitate the noise.

Whenever you drove over that bridge and it creaked, you always kind of thought you might fall in.

You feel reassured every year you see the old guy with the white beard on his bicycle collecting cans.

Ditto for the hat/rose lady on I-10.

You’ve ever had to grab a pirogue or a canoe to paddle down your street to the store following a thunderstorm.

You still think Check-In-Check-Out has the best shrimp poboys.

You remember when they actually had guards in the stands in front of Eden Isles.

You still wish you could make Frank come back and open the Soda Shop back up.

You still have your blue Soda Shop punch cards just in case one day, he does.

You’ve ever seen a woman get out of her car at a blocked intersection to kick a turtle out of the road.

If you had to attend a softball game at Fritchie Park, you were a little sad because John Slidell was more fun.

You’ve participated in a cake-walk at the Saint Margaret Mary fair.

You snuck out to New Orleans and tried to get back before curfew.

When sneaking out to the French Quarter, you knew you were taking the right exit (Canal) because you saw the Rosenberg’s sign. (1825! Tuuuu-lane)

You were mad as hell when Rite Aid bought out K&B.

You can still identify (and use as a standard) K&B purple.

You made a mad rush for Boiling Point on Thursday nights because that’s when they had a dozen oysters for $3.25

Your school went to Skater’s Paradise for special occasions.

You ever performed in a recital or a play at the original Minnacapelli’s.

You were shocked on the day when you turned to the Zephyr (106.1) and heard country music.

Not only do you know the difference between “old” and “new” Kingspoint, you have lived in each.

You still refer to the current Hobby Lobby as the old Walmart.

You’ve gotten dizzy on the yellow spinning thing at the park behind the old K-Mart (now it’s a gym?)

You’ve suddenly had to shout your conversation over a train.

You’ve ever had to pick up a friend in Pearl River and the directions include turning either before or after “the big chicken.”

Going to dinner at Doug’s on Robert Rd. was considered really fancy.

You still call Lakeview Rat’s Nest Road.

You would go out of your way to GG’s because their vending machines were cheaper.

You’ve been to a bonfire when it’s over 80 degrees outside.




5 responses

17 12 2008

What a list! Here’s what’s also “not dere no mo”

the hat/rose lady (I heard she died); CheckIn/CheckOut has a new name, guardhouses at Eden Isles were flooded out, now replaced with nice big signs; La Rosetta has moved into the old Doug’s

BTW, not only is the old KMart now the Slidell Athletic Club, it’s where our church has been meeting for a year. And the old WalMart that now houses Hobby Lobby was originally Woolworth’s. And do you remember shopping at Delchamp’s & Fusillo’s Drugs on Gause where Office Depot now is?

Lastly, I don’t remember any bonfires in hot weather but we HAVE turned on the AC just to crank up the gas logs in our fireplace!

18 12 2008

Thanks for the ride down memory lane.
Not a Slidell native, but I’ve lived here since 1980. The guy with the white beard is Pierre Sairraille. His parents used to own the grocery store where the recently-closed Tag’s meat store is.

I’ve lived in the St. Genevieve area for most of my life in Slidell and wouldn’t move for anything.

I made plenty of trips when my daughter was growing up at Skaters Paradise. I always thought it smelled like feet.

I remember when the Walgreens on Front Street was a little hotel that had cabins. And the drive in restaurant (what was it’s name) that was in the lot that’s been empty ever since right across the street from Starbucks on Front.

Shoot, I also remember when Airport Road was all woods…no mall, no Walmart.

Check out my Bayou Liberty website at

GG’s…used to go there when I smoked. Now Captain Humble’s restaurant is there.

18 12 2008

Well, I remember all of that and more…a gym where the park was? WTF? Oh, and one more…remember when the Sunflower was next to KMart, before it expanded? And I remember going into Walmart the first time after it changed from Wolworths- I thought it was very brightly lit-apparently Wolworths wasn’t (that’s where my mom got our first Cabbage Patch dolls!).

18 12 2008

No no, a gym is where the old K-mart used to be. And now there’s an Italian Pie next to that.

21 08 2014

Tiger drive-in was across from where the Walgreen’s on front is now and then at some point there was “The shrimp box”…

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