Weird gifts

24 12 2008

Seeing as it’s Christmas Eve and some of us might be opening presents tonight (C and I are, we flipped a coin) I wanted to show you the weirdest present I’ve ever seen.

It wasn’t given to me, or even from me.  This is what my friend H received one year from her mother.  We still laugh about it.

A silver serving tray.  Very shiny, highly polished.  And in the shape of a flip-flop.

Seriously.  A tray for serving food, in the shape of a cheap, floppy shoe.  Where feet go.

Don’t believe it exists?  Check it out:

So if you get something you don’t like this year, just remember.  It could have been a giant silver flip-flop.




3 responses

24 12 2008

geez. and a $74 flip-flop! there’s no accounting for taste. what do you serve on it… wait for it… tofu? hahaha come on, you know that was funny!

24 12 2008

Hahahahahaha. You’re killing me, Bronie. I can’t wait to tell Heather that.

19 05 2009
It’s almost time! « The Functional Weirdo

[…] else . . . H found the infamous silver flip flop serving tray and threatened to give it to me as a birthday present.   I told her I would laugh hysterically […]

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