Ended up being great

1 01 2009

I started the day morose and cranky.  I was NOT looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve by myself.  But N invited me over for bad movies, pizza, and Wii.

I brought over Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, one of the cheesier dance movies ever made, and we sat and chatted while we giggled at the outlandish outfits and choreography.

At one point, I brought up the fact that while C and I have been listening to the last Harry Potter audio book, I keep hearing the narrator use “disorientated” and it’s driving me crazy.  I keep meaning to crack open the book and see if it was actually written that way or if the narrator is just horrible like that.

She pulled out a copy, and I found that it is, indeed, the narrator’s fault.  Happy, I screamed “Go J.K. I knew you weren’t that stupid!”

N thought I said “Jackée” (the actress from 227, remember?) and said in all seriousness, “Did she read it?”  That sent us off into gales of laughter and impersonations of Ms. Jackée reading parts of the book (“Haaarrryyyy”).  At some point, N had to run and use the bathroom and I could hear her still laughing from where I sat in the living room.

C wasn’t supposed to be home from work tonight until 1 am or so, but she called me at 11:40 asking where I was.  Turns out she got off work early and came home to surprise me.  I told her I was still out, very sorry, and Happy New Year.  N said “Go! Hurry! Race home, but be careful of drunks and cops.”  I drove like a barely restrained madwoman and made it home with one minute to spare, surprising the hell out of C.

So, it was a good night!!  Better than I could have hoped for, and certainly better than I expected.  Here’s to a great 2009.




2 responses

1 01 2009

If your Louisiana accent makes your J sound like Jah…you can’t blame my Yankee ears!

I still think Jackée would be a great recording artist though…”Ooooh, Haaaryyyy, get your bad self on that train to school!”

Thanks for playing with me; I’m glad you got home in time for your New Year’s kiss!

8 01 2009


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