In the bell jar

4 01 2009

I’ve been feeling down lately.  Unmotivated, tired, cranky.  M screams at me “Clinical Depression!”  I just think it’s lack of stuff to do.  I’ve said many times that I need a certain level of stress and tension to keep going and when I’m on break, I don’t get enough of either.  Of course, when classes start again, I’ll have both in abundance and be bitching about how I need a break.  Woe is me.

I was talking C’s ear off about “I want to move to New Orleans, you should apply to Xavier’s pharmacology program, we’ll live uptown and be happy and I can have seafood whenever I want and I’ll understand the weather and be able to breathe again!!”  She quite helpfully pointed out that I apparently do this every break and to please, for the love of God, take a deep breath and chill.

I’ve had a fun couple of nights, though.  Grabbed M last night and headed to K’s house for a night of martinis, wine, movies, and a few highly amusing rounds of Scattergories.  Good times.  Tonight I delivered sushi and company in an effort to keep a good friend from snuggling up to her own bell jar.  Which doesn’t sound fun on paper, but I always have a good time with her.  Somehow, we never run out of things to talk about, it’s kind of amazing.  I also drank a michelada and have become kind of obsessed.  How beer, clam juice, and tomato juice make a tasty drink is beyond me, but hey! I drank something with beer in it.  And for those of you that know me personally, you will admit that this is a huge deal.  So yay me.

Right, then, in an effort to stave off what is apparently my constantly impending gloom, I am going to pull my panties up (I don’t like wearing socks) and get back to working on my thesis.  This is my plan anyway, I might get sucked back into watching old episodes of Doctor Who and The Office instead.  It happens.  C and I are also planning a de-cluttering of our apartment, which might help a lot of things.  We’ve been looking around and observing the massive amount of CRAP we seem to own, including boxes that we have moved twice without even opening them.  That is just silly.  Furthermore, we have a whole stack of VHS tapes that we keep moving around, but our VCR hasn’t been hooked up in almost 2 years.  That’s just ridiculous—it’s all going away.  Today I started going through books to toss (a HUGE deal, for me) and found some books that we have 2 copies of!!  Definitely time to streamline.

And that’s all I’ve got.  Holidays were good, New Year’s was fun.  Time to get ready for the new semester.  At which point I’ll start complaining again.




One response

5 01 2009

I BEGGED you to let me store those boxes in our attic, but no, you two just had to give your old stuff a joy ride. You know you wouldn’t have a storage problem if you just had an extra bathtub…

If you have anything you want to send here, save it for Dad’s arrival next week.

While you’re bored, why not come to Louisiana and be bored here? You can enjoy Connie-time and deprive me of sleep at the same time.

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