Holy shit!

1 02 2009

Tonight I ran a load of laundry.  Sat in the office upstairs working and studying, never heard anything unusual.  After a while I emerge, look down at the carpet, and . . . there is a GIANT wet spot.  I mean gigantic.  And it looks like it would have been bigger except the laundry pile of towels and blankets outside the utility door caught a lot of it.

Oh. my. God.

So I start grabbing towels and soaking it up.  I don’t know what else to do.  I just keep doing that and throw all the towels into the tub.

And then I get downstairs.  The ceiling is dripping in one corner onto a bookshelf.  Two feet away, a chair pad is wet in my dining room.  There is a drip in my downstairs bathroom.


So I move things, grab buckets, all that.  And then I . . . well, just who in the hell do I call in this situation?  The apartment office is closed.  I called and left them a message and put in an urgent service request online.  And then I called C at work just to tell her about it because seriously??  The washer exploded.




3 responses

3 02 2009

what’s the verdict? BTW, if management does not respond in a timely manner, you can call your own repair person and deduct the repair cost from your next month’s rent (verify Texas law first)

3 02 2009

Ok….have the apt people gotten back to you? Are your walls still crying? Can you use the washing machine?

22 03 2009
Like a 50’s B-movie « The Functional Weirdo

[…] But I feel better when the A/C isn’t running for a few days.  My thoughts are that when the whole washing machine fiasco happened, the repairs obviously weren’t done correctly and there is now mold possibly growing […]

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