Apartment update

3 02 2009

So a maintenance guy came out yesterday morning to check out the washing machine and resulting damage.  He ran an empty cycle, couldn’t find or see any leaks, said they’ll get a new one and replace it.

However, once he left I noticed the carpet was wetter than it had been.  So I called the office.

“HI.  I have the screwed up washing machine issue thing.  Quick question, what if it isn’t the washing machine or a hose but part of the drainage system beyond the machine, you know, like where it drains from the second floor on down? Replacing the machine won’t fix that, don’t you think?  Can we get that looked at?”

They send another guy out, a complete idiot.  He says, well, nothing.  He drills a few holes in the soft, soggy patch of my ceiling downstairs, nothing comes out, he says it’s all fine.

I say, that sheetrock needs to be replaced anyway or something funky will grow in there and EWW.  Let us all turn to the lesson of Katrina people: wet sheetrock grows bad things.

Then the carpet guy comes by (the most competent of anyone).  He rips the carpet back, rips out the pad, sprays some foul-smelling antibacterial spray on the board under the carpet, puts the carpet back, and sets up a huge fan on the ground.  It seems to be working pretty well so far.  He says he’ll be back in a couple days to replace the pad.  The fan, however, is so loud that the cat is just about losing her shit and we have to turn it off at night because we can’t sleep through it.  White noise it may be, but that is some really loud freaking white noise!

And that’s where we’re at.  I’m calling or stopping by the office again tomorrow to talk about someone replacing the sheetrock and looking at the two vents where water was dripping through.

Stupid, stupid, stupid day.




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