Worst day?

10 02 2009

This morning I left the house to go to class.  More importantly, to take a TEST in my first class.

Not but 2 minutes after getting onto 183 to head to campus, my car quite suddenly feels funny.  Then it starts pulling hard to the right.  I hit my flashers and manage to get onto the service road and pull into a Midas which is BOOM right there.  Lucky day.

I get out, look at my right front tire and it is FLAT.  Crazy flat, and kind of exploded looking.

Now, I have already had trouble sleeping lately.  I’m stressed, overtired, and generally not feeling too hot on the best of days.  This is enough to make me start screaming and crying right there.  Almost.

So I walk in.  “Hi! Tires, you do them?”

They do.  I sit down and proceed to email my first professor, explaining what had happened and begging for a makeup.  I email my second professor and tell her it’s not likely I can make it to her class either and PLEASE don’t think I’m just coming up with ways to get out of that class.

While I’m sitting there, the guy asks me to come with him to look at my car.  He points to my engine and tells me he is quite concerned about the fact that there’s oil all over it.  It appears I’ve blown a gasket.  Mmm-hmm, I say.  Then he points to two belts and says that not only are they very important but they’re about to have holes in them.  Mm-hmmm.

I am tired and yes, I see these things you point out to me that are wrong with my car.  Just fix them.  He gives me a list and a total and I say yes, whatever.  Fix it.  And change my oil while you’re in there.

So I finally have my car back, I am $371 poorer than I was this morning, and I look like a shithead to my professors.  Awesome.  What can tomorrow possibly bring?  Actually, that might be a dangerous question to ask.




2 responses

10 02 2009

This was indeed a horrible day, but I laughed out loud at “Tires, do you do them?”

15 02 2009

Girl, how many bugs have you been stepping on? STOP stepping on them! Karma ain’t pretty.

Srsly, hope this is the end.

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