My latest addiction

17 02 2009

On the advice of H and her boyfriend, C, I started watching the BBC series Coupling.  And oh. my. god.  That show is funny as hell.  Witty, biting, clever . . . all the things I want out of a series.   And I am completely in love with the character of Jeff, played by Richard Coyle.  He’s strange and awkward and SO weird and just incredibly adorable.  Example, the following conversation is when Jeff is trying to flirt with a woman he really likes:

Jeff: Your eyes are beautiful.  You have the eyes of 10 women.
Julia:  Um, what?
Jeff:  Not in a jar, I’m not accusing you!

And I’m including the following clip just because.  If you’ve never seen the show, watch the show!!!

Love.  Love him to death.  If I was not in a relationship, with a woman, and if I were a fictional character on a now defunct British television show, could Jeff please be my boyfriend?




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