5 03 2009

Maybe.  I was just reading this post on electric boogaloo and dang, I want a closet dedicated to cool things and fun-having.  In fact, I specifically want a napping/hanging out/coloring/reading closet.

Don’t laugh.

I’m not kidding, I would put big thick cushions all over the floor, a few extra to put against the wall to lean against, lots of flowers and cool things on the walls, and a few low bookshelves mounted to the wall and BLAMMO.  I have a Sharon-friendly nook.

And if this is some weird regression into childhood, whatever.  If you say you don’t want a closet of your own, one solely dedicated to your relaxation space and imagination . . . you’re a liar.

I want to hear about your own little space.  If you had a closet (no bigger) and you had to design something that appealed to your inner child, what would you do?  I’m curious, because I really assume that everyone is a book nerd like me.




4 responses

5 03 2009

I want coloring books and lots of crayons, playdough, shelves full of books, a stock of cold diet coke, a snazzy laptop and warp-speed DSL… Oh, and sound-proof walls and a secret passage to get away in case “they” find me. *sigh* I crave alone time.

5 03 2009

*clapping and screaming Family Feud style*
Good answer, good answer!

6 03 2009

my closet has a fabric hammock with pillows and at least one of the walls consists entirely of french doors that can swing open to let in the breeze but also has hidden screen doors that could keep the bugs out…books, magazines and newspapers aplenty but I think I would keep it free from music so I can enjoy the sounds of nature…ideally with a view of water and trees…lots of sunlight also desired

6 03 2009

I love this idea! I’m thinking if I had a 2 story house, one of those weird attic nooks that you never know what to do with. Some kind of fan and white noise machine. Tons of books…maybe if I did this, I could get them out of the sports room. Ohhhhh, now I want one.

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