Can I keep him?

7 03 2009


Right now there is the absolute sweetest cat on my back porch.  A boy, probably no more than a year old, and so friendly!

Lots of cats live around here, and at some point they always come and say hello.  Last week there was a grey tabby, also a boy, sniffing around while C and I were sitting outside.  Being cat people, we pet him and gave him some attention.  Our cat, Maya, who is super social, ran up to the sliding glass door with her string in her mouth and promptly flopped on her back.  It was a very “Hello! Be my friend!” moment and absurdly cute.  The cat growled at her and she immediately got a sad look and curled into the fetal position.  I’ve never seen a cat so dejected.

This cat though, he loves Maya.  Right now they’re flirting and being adorable at each other through the door.  Maya is now running the full length of the living room and rushing the door.  It’s like a prolonged game of peek-a-boo.  When I was sitting outside earlier, the cat jumped onto my lap and proceeded to fall asleep on my shoulder.

I want this cat! Alas, he probably belongs to someone already and he’s either lost or his owners are weird enough to let him outside in this area.  Really, now.  High traffic, loose dogs—you’re going to let your cat out?  But tons of people do.

If he’s around for more than a week, I’ll put a poster up by the mailboxes.  And if no one responds, I want this cat.  C already approached me about getting a new cat and, well, I didn’t have an answer at the time.  It’s been just over 3 months since we put Tiger to sleep and I’m not entirely sure that C is ready for a new one.  But Maya could use another cat in the house, I think.  Especially one that’s young enough for her to play with.  I think she gets really bored and lonely when we’re both gone so much.

Now I sound like a crazy cat lady.  Whatever.  It’s not all cats all the time, really.  Whenever we buy a house with a yard, we do intend to have a dog.  I like dogs.  But I’ve never lived without a cat, not my entire life.  And now I’d like to get a second one.




3 responses

7 03 2009

I totally understand. Scooter had never been an “only” until I moved in with Jason. It took me over a year to convince him Scooter needed a friend, and he finally agreed when his brother had a baby and they think Ry might be allergic. Now we have his cat. Unfortunately, all she does is growl at Scooter, but he has fun chasing her around the house. Thank God she’s declawed, or I fear he wouldn’t be able to see anymore.

9 03 2009

It sounds like you’ve been Chosen.

If someone owns him and doesn’t have the decency to put a collar and tag on him, then they don’t deserve him. I wouldn’t put up a flyer when Miss Maya needs someone to play with her piece of string!

You are the Chosen.

10 03 2009

I agree with Nancy. Silver/black cat has picked your home and his future playmate based on compatibility, and you know how picky cats are (and accurate). If you wanna throw his owners a bone, keep the cat inside for a trial stay. Meanwhile see if THEY post flyers, etc…then you’ll know if it’s an accident that he got outside in the first place.

BTW, he had me at “fell asleep on my shoulder”!!!

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