Like a 50’s B-movie

22 03 2009

We are looking into having our apartment inspected for . . . BLACK MOLD (insert ominous instrumental here).  For those of you that haven’t already heard me bitch about this, I’ve been having almost constant nausea, fatigue, and a mysterious rash on my arm that disappears and reappears randomly.  But I feel better when the A/C isn’t running for a few days.  My thoughts are that when the whole washing machine fiasco happened, the repairs obviously weren’t done correctly and there is now mold possibly growing in the ductwork and the sheetrock where all the water came through.  C hasn’t been feeling badly, but that could be due to 1) she’s not home nearly as much as I am and 2) it just affects people differently.

The mold detection kits you can buy at Home Depot depend on being able to swab a sample of the mold in question.  I don’t think that’s going to work for us, since if it’s in the ductwork it’s beyond our reach.  So we’re going to approach the apartment management company about paying for a certified air inspection.

In other health news, I finally went to the doctor for my various complaints and got a ton of bloodwork done.  Hoping to hear results tomorrow.

In completely random news, I had the weirdest dream this morning.  C walked by with a baked potato, and everyone in my dream (a large group of people, in a large room) got all excited and jealous of the potato and blinked out of my dream.  I woke up to C telling me goodbye as she was leaving for work and accused her of stealing my dream away with her tasty tuber.  Naturally, she just stared at me.  A lot.  I saw her shaking her head as she descended the stairs.




One response

24 03 2009

My neighbor had a similar experience with mold. Just so you know, under Texas law, your landlord is required to test and treat mold, AND either put you in another unit or let you stay in a hotel.


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