It begins

3 04 2009

The great decluttering of 2009 has started.  Yesterday C and I bought a new tv stand:

tv-standIsn’t it pretty?  This replaced our giant metal shelf (the kind you find in restaurant kitchens) that we’ve had for years and years.  Great shelf, it’s come in handy, but it tends to attract all means of clutter and crap.  Also, we just signed another year lease on our apartment and we figured we might as well make our space look more the way we want it to.

However, getting rid  of the massive holding space of the giant shelf meant throwing out a lot of crap.  And by that I mean ditching TONS and tons of VHS tapes.  All the home-taped stuff went in the trash (6 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (mine), Designing Women (C), Cagney and Lacey (also C), and random movies).  The VHS movies we bought are going to Goodwill, except for the few things we haven’t been able to find on DVD.  The rationale is two-fold.
1) We haven’t even hooked up the stupid VCR in over 2 years, yet we’ve persisted in dragging it and all the tapes with us every time we move
2) We have Netflix and a Roku player to watch instant Netflix on tv so, really? Just ditch the stupid tapes.

And wow! It looks so much better.  C and I put it together last night in just under 3 hours.  This was no small feat, as the stupid, whatchamacalits, the screws that go into a turning thing and you have to precisely lower a piece with these screws poking out of it into the other piece with the circle things and everything has to be lined up perfectly or nothing will work . . . that was not always going so well.  And then today we dismantled the shelf, sorted through everything, and transferred the tv and components.  Amazing!!

The only problem is that now we have this giant expanse of blank wall, which makes us crazy.  For those of you that remember apartment living, white walls are evil.  If you’re not allowed to paint, the only way to combat the oppression of all that soulless blank space is to fill it with art.  Nothing we own is really working in that space whatsoever.  It’s very annoying.  So the next purchase will definitely be taking care of that.  I’m hoping for something metal and circular, like wrought iron.  But I don’t want it to be all cutesy and overly swirly, I don’t want our living room to scream “Hey, can you tell how much we like Pier 1 and World Market?” I mean, we DO, but I don’t want to advertise it.  My favorite wall decoration is a big old piece of wood with the New Orleans riverfront on it, showing the St. Louis Cathedral in the background, and below are all the flags that flew over the city.  It’s beat to hell, looks old, and I love it to death.  My parents got it when I was 8 and I’ve coveted it ever since.  Christmas of 2007 they gave it to me as the ultimate present ever ever.  It will be with me until I die.

In the same vein, we also have a great big mirror with a nice wooden frame, red morrocan sconces with stretched, henna-dyed goat skin, and a series of pictures by Harriet Blum (she takes photos of Lousiana landscapes and tints them with watercolors).  So what else could I put up in this space?  Ideas or tips on where to find deals are more than welcome and appreciated.

Next up on the decluttering plan is books: we have a lot and we’re finally going to get rid of them.  This is asking a lot of me, but I will make myself do it.  The reign of the packrats will end!




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4 04 2009

Very cute stand…Ikea? Instead of doing an artsy piece over your tv, here’s what we did….I found an old window with 6 panes at an antique store in Denham Springs (it was from a Katrina house). I printed 6 nature pics that Jason and I took (3 from Alaska, 2 from NM, and 1 from NC) and put them in the panes, then put canvas on the back. I whitewashed the frame, and it looks really good. It sounds really country looking, but it’s not. We love it, and it was a great way to display some of the (millions) of picture we’ve taken. And it reminds us of our trips.

Happy decorating!

5 04 2009

Dad reminded me that Tuscany’s (where we got our large metal swirly thing over our mantle at an excellent price) is a franchise so even tho they are no longer open in Slidell, maybe they have a website. Also, maybe you could check out Al’s store in the Lacombe flea market where we bought our iron foyer table and our pottery end tables. He carries a lot of metal pieces, very interesting stuff.

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