Made my freaking day

7 05 2009

Today, I was riding the school shuttle back to where I park.  The girl sitting next to me asked if I could pull the cord so she wouldn’t have to potentially smack me in the head.  No problem. Then she turns and says, “This might sound totally random and weird, but your skin is beautiful. Do you do anything special?”

This led to a discussion of why I love my facewash and makeup brands but the point is, what a great thing to hear right before you turn 30!

Speaking of turning 30, yeah, it’s coming.  Ugh.  Some days I’m fine with it.  Other days, not so much. But at least C is doing it a full 2 weeks before I am.  So I get to tease her for exactly 14 days.




2 responses

9 05 2009

I remember telling you (I think it was New Year’s Eve) that you had a beautiful and luminous complexion. Compliments are always a delightful thing!

9 05 2009

Please share the secret, oh wise one, for the beautiful complexion. Turned 30, and I still break out like a teenager.

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