11 05 2009

Working on my final paper for my Stress and Accent class.  This paper is also part of my thesis, which is both great and terrible.  Since it is a work in progress, my professor doesn’t expect perfection—but I still do.

The problem is that when I’m working on this part, I think of things that will work well in the rest of the thesis.  And, no, I don’t try to cram them into this paper, but I have to make a note of these things somewhere so I won’t forget what might just be an amazing insight.

Still doing the new method for analyzing musical poetry, but it’s changed a bit.  In a good way, of course, but it’s also very time consuming.  It’s forced me to redo my musical notation 5 times now, which is a huge pain in my ass.  But it needs to  be done.

I’m just so TIRED.  Tired, tired, tired.  All the time.  Look at me, it’s 4:18 in the morning and I just stopped working on this thing.  I’ve been going, on and off (mostly on) since 10 am yesterday.  My brain is threatening to leave me unless I take some time soon and watch a marathon of something stupid and trashy, like America’s Next Top Model or something.

I’m thinking I’ll be done by Tuesday night at the latest.  And then I swear I will be so lazy.

Actually, no, I don’t.  I figure I might as well keep going and pound out a really good thesis draft.  Might as well, since I’m already in that whole zone of thinking about it.  But maybe not so frantically?  That would be great.




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