After the fact

12 05 2009

Right, so, yesterday I was working on my thesis.  As a reminder, I’m doing a musical/linguistic approach to the poetry of Langston Hughes.

Anyway, I was working with “Dream Boogie” yesterday and getting so frustrated with some of the rhythm assignments that I started stomping around and screaming the lines in order to maybe get a better handle on it.

But you know what, I’m thinking that I must have looked and sounded completely insane.  Let’s pretend you were one of my neighbors and only heard the following, over and over:

“Good morning, daddy!” (stomp, stomp)

“Boo-gie woo-gie”

“What did I say?” (stomp stomp kick)  followed by different versions of that line
“What did I say?”
“What did I say?”
“What! did! I! say!” (stomp stomp crash)

At this point, I must sound like I’m beating the hell out of someone, right?  And then I move from that into the “scat” portion:
“Hey, pop!” (stomp)
“Re-bop!” (stomp)
“Mop!” (stomp stomp)
“Y-e-a-h!” (stomp stomp)

That’s right, I go from loud, possibly injurious chastisement to a passable imitation of a popcorn machine.

So I sound like someone who has combined  Tourette’s with anger management issues.  I was telling M about this JUST NOW online and I think she might have possibly caused a scene herself.




One response

12 05 2009

What are you going to do if the neighbors start complaining about you for a change?

Resist the urge, put down that nail…

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