Well, that was harrowing

12 06 2009

Boy, is Austin fun! Last night, C and I watched the clouds roll in.  We knew a storm was coming, and I finally called upstairs that maybe we should move our cars under the carports outside because the man on the teevee mentioned hail.

As we stood outside, we noticed that ALL the cars from 3 buildings had been moved and people were standing outside on their porches. C and I stopped as well, looked up, and sniffed the air like two animals with creepy premonition. C caught a glimpse of something and pulled me to the side of the building.  We stood there, looking skyward and staring into a rolling cloud mass that was tinted blue-green.  To say it looked ominous is such an understatement. We turned our heads and heard, faintly, the tornado siren down the road.

Returning to our front stoop, C ran inside to find the cat and toss her into the downstairs bathroom.  I sat outside and watched the sky change until it started to rain.  C did what she does best, running around and gathering supplies. I sat there and watched the Super Doppler Voodoo Radar spin pretty colors at me.  I thought, “hey, purple!” before realizing that purple is not actually a good thing to see.

As we continued to watch, the wind started. We could hear the windows shaking and saw the rain coming in sideways. We knew that we shoul probably join the cat in the tiny bathroom, but couldn’t stop listening to the meteorologist as he said “unconfirmed, but possible touchdowns here, here, oh and over here.”

Two of those “here’s” were on either side of our neighborhood, and I could feel C’s hand tighten on my shoulder. I knew she was scared, but I was oddly calm.  The reason?  I had chosen to defy all logic and all I could think was, “But I’m cooking dinner! Pshaw, no one gets sucked out of the house when they have rice in the oven!”

Hey, you go with what works.

We’re fine, everything was fine. I took the stupid rice out of the oven, let it sit there while the power flickered, and when the weather calmed down 30 minutes later, cooked some chicken to go with it.

We ended our night as we always do, talking and giggling and fighting sleep like we’re at a slumber party.  C suddenly got very serious and said, “I was scared. I didn’t know what to do or how to protect you. But you seemed okay, much calmer than I was.”

I leaned over and said, just as seriously, “Let me tell you my theory about natural disasters and rice.”




3 responses

12 06 2009

Glad everything is okay.

17 06 2009

I wish I liked rice. I’ve been through numerous earthquakes in Southern California, a near-flood in Oregon, and a Wisconsin tornado.

Dammit! Why don’t I like rice?

25 06 2009

dang! i wish someone had told me about the rice. it potentially could have saved me a lot of trouble. 🙂 glad you’re o.k.

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