What made me happy and why

26 06 2009

To begin, I am an avid reader of Pajiba. It is, first and foremost, a movie review site which offers “scathing reviews for bitchy people.” I adore it.  Part of what I like so much, though, are the comments.  I mean it, some of the writers on there are freakin hilarious. The kind of funny I often wish I could be but rarely am unless I’m trading one-liners with a friend or my mom.

A recent feature, Eloquent Eloquence, has been reinstated. It culls the top 10 comments every week and offers a list. I’m glad it’s back, I get to read what really are some zingers that I probably missed.

And today, I made the list.  I seriously got so excited that I did a happy dance around my apartment and then called C.  All she really heard was “EE! EE! I made EE!” I think she thought I was just making little dolphin noises at her and she made me calm down.

Anyway, this is what I posted, in response to another comment about Snow’s “Informer” (yes, that crappy song from the early 90s) asking what, precisely, “a licky boom-boom down” meant.

It indicates he employed the oral section, or front two-thirds (as opposed to the posterior pharyngeal section) of his tongue in a downward motion upon her “boom boom,” which is a common euphemism for both nouns and verbs dealing with sexual acts or body parts involved with sex acts.

However, the “a” that precedes the phrase “licky boom-boom down” indicates that this is a noun phrase. In this case, “licky” could be adjectival, modifying a compound noun, “boom-boom down.” Alternately, both “licky” and “boom-boom” may be adjectival, modifying “down.” But that moves “down” from a directional preposition to a noun, changing the meaning to a salivating, explosive pile of pillow stuffing.

Pretty sure that’s what he meant.

Anyway, after years of reading and giggling at the reviewers and comments of Pajiba, I was pretty excited to make the illustrious EE list. Having someone think you’re funny is always a nice thing.

In other news, C and I have been doing even more decluttering.  As a shout out to M, no, we haven’t removed the giant blue rubbermaid boxes that are currently draped with fabric and serving as an end table, but we did open them and peer inside.  It was not exciting, but it’s nothing we can throw away, so they’re staying there.  Besides, if I got rid of them, where would I put that lamp?

But we did clear out even more books (amazing),  re-organized my closet/the storage area, and found the under-the-bed plastic containers to put away all our winter stuff.  I’m not so secretly hoping that by decluttering our space, I shall also clear my mind and get my damn thesis written. It’s all there (mostly), waiting to be written. Scattered notes, endless documents with grids and thoughts, and God only knows what else. You heard me, thesis. It’s ON.




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