That is it

2 07 2009

Okay, they’ve been renovating the apartment next door. Oddly, that has been less noise than Mike, the crazy neighbor who used to live there, ever made.

But today, this highly chemical and nauseating smell started seeping in. For 30 minutes C and I sat there hoping it would abate or something (we’ve smelled paint on and off for a week, but it hasn’t been a big deal) until I finally went upstairs and threw up. It was that bad.

So we left the apartment. I called the office at 2 pm, complaining about it. They said that the counters were being stripped and they would tell the workers next door to open the windows and get the smell out.

We got back 3 1/2 hours later, at 5:30, walked in, and the smell was worse than when we left. We could barely walk inside and the smell was now coming out of our A/C vents. So we go up to the office. The person we talked to at 2 apparently “forgot” to tell the workers to air the place out, but they will go open all the windows now. The manager gives us two fans and tells us to open all our windows.

In Texas.
In summer.

So now we’re sitting here sweating and nauseated. We’ve been told the smell should start clearing out in 4-5 HOURS. Seriously.

Am I wrong, but in places with linked vent systems, shouldn’t you close off the vents in one place when you do something like that? Or, say, if you do anything requiring that you wear a mask, shouldn’t steps be taken to ensure the smell doesn’t go into where other people are living?

Just curious.  And very. fucking. hot.




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