Aiding desperation

26 07 2009

Even though I’ve lived in Texas for just over 2 years now, I have yet to change my cell phone number.  Not that this is the point, I’m just saying.

This afternoon, I received a text message:

“this ace? *l&k, denise*”

I don’t actually know what that means, but I ignored it.

10 minutes later, my phone rings.

Me: Hello?
Female caller: Hellooo.
Me: Um, hello?
FC: Hi, who is this?
Me: (I really hate when people call ME and then instead of identifying themselves, ask who I am). Who are you looking for?
FC: Well, this is the deal. I accidentally gave this guy your number instead of mine.
Me: Uh huh.
FC: Has anyone called you?
Me: No. Bye!
Me: What.
FC: If a guy calls you asking for Brooke, could you give him this number and ask him to call me?
Me: Are you kidding me?
FC: Just give him this number. You’re sure a guy hasn’t called you?
Me: (laughing before I hang up)

Oh please, now I’m a dating/answering service? No way. No way in hell, lady.

UPDATE: It’s 12:33 a.m. C just got home and I was relating this tale to her. Suddenly, my phone rings! C says, “I bet it’s the guy!”
I answer, lo and behold a guy asks if Brooke is there. “Wrong number!! CLICK.”

C says if he calls again I should answer “Brookview Convent, may I help you? Oh, I’m sorry, she’s taking her vows right now, not only of chastity but also silence. You should have called earlier today. Go with God!”

FUTHER UPDATE, Monday: The same girl starts calling my phone today. Like 10 times, seriously. I don’t answer. Finally, she texts me.

“Hi i talked to you yesterday about a number callin u…has anyone called you yet???”

I respond, because I am sick and tired of this shit: “You have got to be kidding me. I’m not your answering service. Stop contacting me.”

Which prompts this from her: “Umm there really is no need to get rude…i was just asking u a simple question & yesterday you could hv told me u didnt want to…obviously u having some damn problems today…but no problem dude. — ima be aiight.”

Can you even believe this? Is this actually my life? YOU IMPERTINENT LITTLE TWIT SHIT. Really now, I am shocked at the behavior of some people.  Soon after that, she started calling me again so I wisely blocked the number. People are WEIRD, man. But I’m absolutely thrilled to know she’ll be “aiight.” Tiny little idiot.




5 responses

26 07 2009

That is hilarious!!! How does she know she accidentally gave your number? Does she remember doing it in her drunken state?

PS- I didn’t change my # to a BR one until about 2 yrs after I moved here. What’s the point?

27 07 2009
Anna von Beaverplatz

Seriously?! Who the hell does that?! You should ask her if she loves Twilight, I bet she loves Twilight.

What a little twatwaffle! Can you block both of the numbers? I don’t know if that can be done, can it? Ugh. Asshat. These kids today!

28 07 2009

So I was telling my sister about this while getting my hair done today (she’s a stylist? hairdresser? I don’t know the correct term). She started laughing so hard she had to quit coloring my hair. 🙂 I know I’ve gotten weird calls in the past,- I think a drug dealer had my old number before me- but I really think this is the best ever.

Ah, the misguided youth…

31 07 2009

Oh, the restraint you showed in not texting back. OY VAY!

10 08 2009

you’re such a bitch! why wouldn’t you give him the # ??

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