My reality can be skewed

23 08 2009

Since we returned to Austin from our Louisiana trip, the lack of humidity here has just been killing us. Really, we had a few blissful days of sticky air and no cedar pollen back home, but as soon as we crossed the state line into Texas, the dryness just started to kill us.

So I’ve been fighting an impending sinus infection for the last few days. Last night I was feeling all feverish and blah-y and just, UGH. I was up until 4 in the morning and decided to lie down in the guest bed since C’s alarms were set for 4:30 (seriously).

Now, this is what I remember from this morning as C came in to tell me goodbye before she left for work.

C: Hi babe, did you sleep okay?
Me: No.
C: Are you feeling all right?
Me: No, I went to bed all crappy feeling and I thought I had a fever. I still feel kind of hot, actually. All my joints are achy, isn’t that weird? I don’t think I have the flu, though. Which is good. Who gets the flu in August?
C: (turns around and exits the room while I’m still talking)
Me: Bitch! I’m talking to you!!

So C gets home from work and this is what she says really happened:

C: Hi babe, did you sleep okay?
Me: Ungh.
C: Are you feeling all right?
Me: I’M SO HOT!!! (followed by a rolling over and burying my face in a pillow, signaling the end of the conversation).

Okay, that’s not at all how I remember it. I recall being very lucid and eloquent about the exact nature of my discomfort and even offering various theories on why I could be feeling so badly. But . . . that does seem optimistic, doesn’t it? I’m going with C on this one.




2 responses

23 08 2009

Hahahaha! That sounds like the “conversations” Jason and I have when he’s asleep. He starts talking, and I ask him questions to which I get ridiculous answers!

24 08 2009

I’m totally going with C on this one, the flopping over and burying the head in the pillow is well-remembered. Congrats on the acknowlegement. Hope you’re feeling better by now! We so enjoyed y’all’s visit!!!

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