What should be invented

30 08 2009

Some kind of super thing substance/material that can be cut into pieces and put over zits.  Some kind of awesomely effective acne medication can be put underneath, the edges will blend seamlessly into skin, and makeup can go over it without doing that stupid cakey thing that makeup does on zits.

Cover and treat all at once!!

Someone get on this, for real.

Um, in other news, C was able to clean the graffiti off of her car with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Before she left work, which is good because they included the kind of racial epithet that an extremely white girl such as C should not have on her car as she drives around.  Also, there was a part about Tinky Winky that I don’t understand.  For real.  I would love to have that one explained to me.




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