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29 09 2009

My new obsession? Egg Radio. It’s a great online radio station with a weird, eclectic mix.  There’s a rating system, and members can upload songs to the library. I’ve been uploading like a champ.  Spender, the man with the plan, even sent me a message telling me he was about to play “Total Eclipse” by Billy Cobham.  This made my day since I personally strive to make every man, woman, and child a fan of Mr. Cobham.  He will show you the way, kids. I swear it.  You know how kids are supposed to listen to Beethoven and get better at math?  Listening to Cobham (or many other funk bands) instantly makes you cooler and more socially viable.

And there’s my shout out for the day.

What else is going on?  Umm, a couple of friends are headed into town this weekend to attend the Cake Wrecks book signing downtown.  I’m supposed to be cleaning the apartment.  If you know me, you know exactly how much I’ve accomplished thus far (the answer is 5%).  You know, if I could just get C to do the floors, I’ll do the rest.  Because I hate vacuuming and mopping more than anything.  I’d even rather clean the tub, and that’s saying something considering that by the time I’m done my knees are kind of bruised and disgusting looking.

This is turning into a really boring post, isn’t it?  I wish I had some funny story or weird insight to share.  Give me a week, I’ll try to come up with something better.




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29 09 2009

Word. I’ve been listening to it at work and it’s excellent. I haven’t gotten around to taking over the message boards though. Yet.

1 10 2009

I registered the other night as a user but couldn’t listen…hmmm. Then I returned last night to try again and got the message “you have been permanently banned from this board”…wow, that’s harsh, you don’t even know me! So I wrote to the administrator and suggested maybe it was because this laptop is registered to a domain outside of the norm.

Today I heard back from Doc who said he will address the problem personally. Now that’s service! Hope to be a listener by tomorrow.

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