The e Before Christmas

6 11 2009

e before christmasFollowing my re-reading of Matt Beaumont’s e: A Novel, I discovered that he wrote a short sequel to it.  Further investigation revealed that it was made available digitally as a PDF from for a mere $4.25.  Sold!  All I needed was a handy reader for digital books (available free) and I was all set.  I don’t ever intend to own a Kindle or anything like that and prefer to hold a book in my hands, but this is a short 152 pages.  Not too hard to read on a laptop and much cheaper than the print version (which was going for a whopping $17).

The story begins in October 2000.  Following the tumultuous events in the first book, the new CEO has got her hands full with a Barbie campaign gone awry, new copywriters with attitude (and oddly, a complete lack of correct spelling), and a Christmas party that coincides with the Miller-Shanks European CEOs visiting the London branch.  Of course, that means David Crutton, the former London CEO will be making an appearance.

All of the old favorites are back in full form.  Suzi the crazy secretary  is more prominent this time and manages to step in it spectacularly.  Even Simon makes an appearance, which is awesome considering how he left the company in the previous book.

While it’s a shorter story and not nearly as good as the first, it’s nice to revisit these characters once more.  It’s especially fun to see Harriet step into the role of CEO and fall prey to the stresses of the job.  In retrospect, I’m now a little more sympathetic to David.

Overall, it was enjoyable and fun.  Apparently there’s another sequel, e Squared that has already been released in the UK and will be available here in January.  At this point, I’m invested enough in these characters to check it out.




2 responses

10 11 2009

Based on the title, I was hoping for a sequel to “Party Monster”.

As someone whose had to work on a Barbie campaign (cannot explain) I can attest that everything involved is totally insane. I learned more than I ever need to about the personality theory behind young girls and the color purple…

10 11 2009

Haha, Party Monster holiday sequel. Now with James St. James wrapped in lights!
Oh wait, he already did that. It was a Thursday.

The Barbie campaign in the book is hilarious, called “Real Barbie” or something like that. Lesbian Barbie, Trucker Barbie, Disabled Barbie . . . and then a whole bunch of mothers get angry. It’s awesome.

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