Yeah, I’m complaining

26 11 2009

So I got a temporary job at a digital media company. We get scanned pages of newspapers and magazines, capture the bits and label them appropriately, proof them, and they turn into epubs.  And I like the actual work, even though the pay is sad and my last paycheck hurt my feelings. But oh my God, it is run so badly.

First of all, this shift I worked tonight (on Thanksgiving) was so dumb, not even 3 hours. What a waste. Second, I watched a girl spend most of the 3 hours on FB and youtube, and when she DID deign to work, she did it wrong. I simply cannot fathom how a company can bleed money on such a bunch of fucking incompetents as they’ve hired. Because first they pay people to not work, and then when the stupids fuck it up, it takes time (and money) for other people to fix it. What a bunch of morons. If they fired the stupid people, they could pay the good ones a tiny bit more. IDIOTS!!!

AND, you know what? I was working from an error report last night and someone had typed in “insert haifin into line 3.” That’s how they spelled “hyphen.” If you can’t even spell a simple word, should you really be responsible for proofing something? I think not.

And the software is jacked up, the process is so wildly inefficient, it just boggles the mind. I can’t help it–when I’m told to proof something, I want it perfect. It’s how I am.

Tonight I kept getting a page in proofer that hadn’t been blocked, though it needed to be (into several articles). The first time I sent it back, I put a comment up saying it had to be blocked. The second time I got it, nothing had been changed. I sent it back again, with the same comment. The THIRD time, I ripped off my headphones and said “Okay guys, I’m sending back this page for the third time, could someone PLEASE block it?”

Inefficiency. I don’t understand how this company makes money or keeps clients. I should just start my own company, get someone like Casey to write me some programs, and steal all their clients. Because I’ve seen the final products and if I was a subscriber, I would ask for my damn money back. It’s laughable.





2 responses

27 11 2009

Oh, my lovely, do you understand that you are the best employee they have? Why would one care about doing something right, when it could be done fast? I suspect your company banks on volume.

*sigh* Godtopus I hate those people. Do it right and do it once. That’s my motto.

27 11 2009

But it’s NOT fast if it keeps having to be redone. It’s the opposite of fast.
I hate people. And if I’m so awesome (which I am) why won’t anyone hire me? WHY?!?!
And the company can’t bank on volume if the final product actually has to be accurate.

I love you, Doran. If I move up to wherever it is you live (Sasquatch?) will you give me a job? If I promise to stop making fun of you and the moose?

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