I want out of this lease

13 01 2010

That’s right, it’s time for apartment updates!

Ugh.  Where do I start? A few days ago we tried to run our dishwasher.  It made a horrible squealy noise before dumping water onto the floor.  Awesome.  Someone came out today and looked at it.  The water line has been chewed through.  By a mouse.  This would be the same mouse problem that we’ve been bitching about for 2 YEARS.  Seriously.

In fact, the mouse/mice have suddenly caused a HUGE problem.  In the entire building.  Out of 8 units, they’re replacing 3 dishwashers, 2 refrigerators, and a water line.  NOW they’re finally sending out an inspector.  Gosh.  Also, they still haven’t fixed the leak in the roof/attic that causes rain in our stairwell during every storm.

So yeah, I want out of this damn lease.  They don’t fix anything in a timely manner, if they manage to fix it at all, and our water bill has doubled (and according to a maintenance guy today, next month will be worse due to a water main bursting on the property last Saturday).  Anyone familiar with TX tenant rights?  Want to help me get out of this lease without buying it out?




3 responses

19 01 2010

Any luck finding out info on getting out of your lease?

19 01 2010

Not yet!

20 01 2010

Try this website…it seems to have some info…

I googled “lease laws austin texas” It was the 2nd thing on the list.

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