Science Fair embarrassments

25 01 2010

I have no clue why I just thought of this, other than the fact that I’m often involved in strange conversations at work.

I’ve participated in exactly one science fair.  I don’t remember what my subject was, though I’m certain I didn’t plan it well and whatever “experiment” I did was crap.  I’m not a science girl, never have been.

What I do remember, though, is my tri-fold board.  For whatever reason, my parents didn’t want to buy me the tri-fold board that every other kid in the known universe was instructed to use, so my father made me one. Out of plywood.  With metal hinges.

No, really.

You know how some kids are bratty and spoiled and if they don’t have what all the other kids have then they feel all mistreated and abused?

I felt that way, but I think I was completely justified.

This thing was tall, and heavy, and had sharp jagged edges on it and it was a bitch to carry and I wanted to just die in a fire rather than carry that damn thing into school.  It wasn’t sanded or painted or anything—just wood, with some sheets of paper tacked onto it.

So . . . that was the most random story ever.

UPDATE: In the 3rd grade I twisted my ankle. Instead of crutches or anything, Dad gave me a wooden cane. Let me tell you, 8-year-olds will MOCK a child hobbling around with a giant wooden cane.




2 responses

26 01 2010

Reminds me of the time my father (Grampa) built me a crutch (just the one) when I had stitches in the top of my foot. At least he padded the top with a strip of carpet, turquoise, I believe. Oh, the joys of having a father in the construction trade!

27 01 2010

Leaf project, 4th grade. Yep, my dad made me a GIANT maple leaf out of plywood. Huge. I painted it with spray paint. Oh, and the day my mom brought it and me to school, she locked her keys in the car-with it running. Ahhhh, memories.

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