You be the judge

28 04 2010

It’s time for my favorite game: You Be the Judge!

Today’s topic — dedicated or sucker?

I started work yesterday at 1 pm. I worked until 11:30 pm. Around 1:30 am, I checked my work email to see if I had gotten answer on part of a project I’m dithering over. There was an email with questions from one of our outsource teams. Curious, I opened it to find a spreadsheet with 3 issues that I was able to easily resolve. I fired off my response and hit send. Then, I realized that the spreadsheet had 2 more tabs, with a total of, yes, 30 more questions and issues. Again, curiosity compelled me to investigate. More digging revealed more problems. I had questions of my own that could only be answered and resolved by the people currently working 3rd shift. At the office. So I went back to work at 3:30 am, got everything taken care of, everything answered, resolved, and addressed with the correct people. And now it’s 6:30 am and I’m finally home again.

So tell me. Am I dedicated and mildly obsessive? Or am I a sucker for going back to work at 3 in the morning?




2 responses

28 04 2010

Weren’t we just talking about setting boundaries and you were like, “Yes, I need to set some boundaries!”…? Boundaries! Being a hard worker who is dedicated to the company is awesome! And you should be proud of that! But… dude, seriously, protect yourself. If I was a savvy businessman, I’d hire you for sure, but I’d hire you as an exempt employee (where I would expect you perform at the same level, but without having to pay you overtime). And hell, if a temp will work this hard, why throw more money or security her way? Set those boundaries, girl! You don’t want to eventually end up feeling that you give and give and give and your company just takes you for granted, right?

28 04 2010

You really are the best employee ever, though. They are lucky to have you and you are lucky to have something you love to do.

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