Decorating ideas

4 05 2010

I need them.  Specifically, I want ideas about how to cover up or re-purpose the fireplace in the upcoming new apartment. If you’re in Austin, you know EXACTLY what kind of fireplace I’m talking about. No mantel, no hearth, just a flat, in-the-wall fireplace with those orange tiles around it.  This is Texas, I don’t need a stupid fireplace. And that is valuable wall space.

So, I definitely want to get a chimney pillow up in there.  One, to stop any drafts and my precious heat/air conditioning from escaping and two, to keep any drips or weirdness from coming down.

But then what? Do I shove a small bookcase inside? Put a bookcase in front?  Here’s my thing: I have NO problem putting something in front of it, like a table, but I absolutely do NOT want to be able to see the fireplace through some other piece of furniture. I think that just might drive me crazy.  Should I paint a piece of board and stick it in front? Big dramatic curtains?  Oh wait, no curtains.  I want my giant mirror above the fireplace. With my gorgeous henna sconces that my mother covets.  (She’s NEVER getting them, by the way.  Unless both C and I meet an untimely end. In which case, I will still probably haunt my mother just to be able to look at my sconces. I like them that much.)

So send me ideas, please.  My brain is too tired to be inventive.





5 responses

4 05 2010

If it makes sense for furniture arrangement, put your couch or big leather chair in front of the fireplace. Then your mirror will still look good overhead as well as your (my) sconces. Or you could fit the opening with a thin piece of board painted black (or anything else) and put C’s iron window shutter in front of it. Yeah, I know, it would look like a floor-height window, but just own it. Or you could put one of your big pictures in front of the fireplace opening. I could go on, but my suggestions would just continue to get tackier!

4 05 2010

What if you put a board in front of it, then used the empty space for extra storage.

4 05 2010
Blonde Savant

What about whatever entertainment center situation you have? Could that go in front and successfully block it?
Or the bookcase idea is pretty solid. I have a two shelf bookcase that’s about 2 1/2′ tall and about 3′ long that I’ve done something similar with.
Also, instead of covering the whole thing with wood, paint the tiles and fit a piece of wood inside, so it’s flush to the wall.

4 05 2010
Girl With Curious Hair

1. You have pretty fabrics, use them to decorate it somehow. I don’t know how, but then again, I don’t have pretty fabrics.

2. Depending on where it is, cover it with the couch or TV stand like Connie suggested. (Also, Hi Connie!)

3. Fill it with candles of different sizes and colors. Arrange some giant pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace with a red throw pillow.

4. Buy some good chocolate. That has nothing to do with the fireplace, it’s just a good idea.

7 07 2010

I like #3 above. It’s a fireplace and it should be somewhat showcased. Throw some candles of varying heights and colors in there and add that mirror above. Put sconces on either side of the mirror. It will add depth as it catches and reflects the light and make a dramatic focal point, that room’s eyecatcher.

Additionally, between the mirror and the fireplace add a small shelf for precious books.

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