The planet

19 07 2010

I’ve apparently fallen off of it.

The temp job I started in November is still happening.  I got a promotion in January, working for the VP of my department. I’m kind of in love with my job. I work on Production Metrics and training, and where I used to just take the guidelines and build software simulations and training videos, now I’m writing the guidelines myself and creating entire phases of testing. It’s pretty cool. I’m in charge of testing and training a new outsource team, and they’re so awesome that they make my teeth hurt.

All that being said, I’m still a temp. I think there’s a great chance of being hired on permanently, especially now that it seems the hiring freeze is coming to an end and based on the feedback I’ve gotten from my boss.  This could turn into an actual career, which would be great.

But I haven’t worked less than 50 hours in a week in . . . wow, a lot of months. And most weeks are way over 50 hours.  Which is why my poor blog has been all neglected.  I have tons of funny stories saved up, never fear.  And I promise to tell them.  As soon as I get some sleep.




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