Checking in

20 10 2010

My poor blog.  Alone, unloved, unwanted.

I wish this could be a cooler update . . . I’m still working at “the job.”  I’m still a temp for almost a year now.  I finally got a half-assed job offer from the company to work for them, but still as a temp.  It’s just a way for them to get out of paying the staffing company and still not give me any benefits.  I’m oddly bitter about that.

However, I did get a small raise and I still like my work. I have a title: Technical Training Specialist.  I’m being included in discussions with publishers and referred to as “the one in charge of documentation and guidelines.”  At this point I’m biding my time, learning what I can, and keeping an eye out for different opportunities.

And that’s really all that’s happening with me.  C and I moved into a new apartment in June, we’re pretty happy with it.  My parents are going to be moving to Atlanta, which is just . . . weird. C and I want to buy a new couch.

I fully intend to start posting here again and sharing funny stories (now that I have a shorter, more normal work week).  If anyone still reads this anymore, stay tuned.




2 responses

20 10 2010

Your parents are moving to Atlanta? What?

20 10 2010

Yup, maybe as early as January. I can no longer go to Slidell and do my “one-stop-shopping” approach to catching up with friends and family.

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