Real estate (for real)

7 07 2011

So C and I were suddenly looking at houses. I keep getting paychecks, see, and I finally looked at my bank account and realized I could conceivably make a down payment on a small house. Which is cool! We’re going to talk to an agent/broker next week to see what’s what.
Realistically, it might not happen for another year, because while I have the down payment, I don’t have everything ELSE like money for a home inspection (or a couple of inspections) or a bigger down payment to bring the monthly payments to a reasonable level but . . . it’s within the realm of possibility.

Anyway, I’m investigating some saving options and doing what apparently are grown-up things which is hilarious.

The other day C said she was going to look up stuff on gays owning in Texas (we need to research legal stuff for whenever we do buy a house together) but I thought she said “gay zoning.”
S: Like . . . a map? Because I don’t think that’s on a census. I mean, we can ask around or whatever but I doubt there’s anything official.
C: What?
S: What?
C: What are you talking about?
S: What are YOU talking about?
C: What?

It just kept on going until we figured it out 2 minutes later. But really, we do need to make sure we’re all legally good because if something happens to her I certainly don’t want her parents owning half my house. Ew. Especially them.

In other news, work is still work. I do it, my boss tries to cut my hours but the workload never goes down so he can just suck it. We’re starting a huge new deal which means my job security is pretty good. I have a proofreader who I LOVE but I’m sad to say she’s moving back to England at the end of August. Guess it’s time to start having interviews again.

And that’s about it! I don’t update my blog much because I’m very boring now with all the work. Non-work people must hate talking to me because I just babble on and on about magazines and deadlines and . . . yeah. I’m so boring. But I’m busting my ass enough that now I can actually consider houses. So that’s something.




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19 07 2011

Super exciting! Congrats!

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