I haven’t added to this in a while

5 08 2014

So, let’s see. C and I bought a house almost 3 years ago. Which I find hilarious. We now have two cats and TWO DOGS. Which is just as unbelievable.

Since I’m never satisfied with life, I constantly look at homes on Trulia. All the time, and in lots of different cities. And you know what? Some of the pictures posted are just so, so bad. What is the thought process behind some of these? Who took them, the owner or the agent? Either way, WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Since I clearly can’t be bothered to update my blog with actual entries about life or feelings, this is a new feature that I’m putting up. 

Sharon Can’t Believe These Pictures

And today is the first post!

Let’s start with this one.


This? Is not tidy. Picking up all your crap from the floor and piling it on top of a dresser is just changing the level of your crap. This does not count as cleaning. Also, is that a dirty shirt under your bed? Why is it not in the prominently displayed laundry basket? What is that on the bed? Is that a piece of paper? A suicide note? I’m also irritated about the picture not being centered over the bed, but that’s nothing compared to everything else. 

Next up, the bathroom!


Wow. Look at that half-used bottle of mouthwash. That is…something. The cap isn’t even screwed on. Was the owner in such a hurry to snap this picture that they couldn’t even screw the cap back on properly, much less put the bottle away? Also, I see that rolling storage cart in the background. You know what that tells me about your bathroom? That it lacks storage. Maybe don’t leave that out as a clear sign of the lack of cabinet space.bedroom2

You didn’t want to straighten the curtain or vacuum under the bed? Really?bedroom3

Just…why even bother at this point? Listen, home photographers. If your pictures look all terrible like this, and everything is unmade, sloppy, and not clean, I tend to assume that you don’t take good care of your house. Like, structurally. Whether it’s true or not, it’s all the information I have at this stage and all I can think about is what a headache it will be to deal with later on. And there are other homes for sale.bedroom4

Wow, just not even trying at this point. Someone literally kicked a pile of clothes into a corner and said “done!”