The planet

19 07 2010

I’ve apparently fallen off of it.

The temp job I started in November is still happening.  I got a promotion in January, working for the VP of my department. I’m kind of in love with my job. I work on Production Metrics and training, and where I used to just take the guidelines and build software simulations and training videos, now I’m writing the guidelines myself and creating entire phases of testing. It’s pretty cool. I’m in charge of testing and training a new outsource team, and they’re so awesome that they make my teeth hurt.

All that being said, I’m still a temp. I think there’s a great chance of being hired on permanently, especially now that it seems the hiring freeze is coming to an end and based on the feedback I’ve gotten from my boss.  This could turn into an actual career, which would be great.

But I haven’t worked less than 50 hours in a week in . . . wow, a lot of months. And most weeks are way over 50 hours.  Which is why my poor blog has been all neglected.  I have tons of funny stories saved up, never fear.  And I promise to tell them.  As soon as I get some sleep.


I suck as a caretaker

8 05 2010

C finally went to the doctor today and came home with a diagnosis of outer ear infection.  I’m at the computer, working on a particularly annoying training video . . .

C: Can you put my ear drops in for me?
Me: What? No. It’s not hard. Lie down there (pointing to guest bed) and go bloop bloop in your ear 3 times.
C: I want you to do it!
Me: Why on earth do you want me to do it?
C: Because you do it better.
Me: How would you know? I’ve never done it!
C: Just put the ear drops in!
Me: Fine. GOD. Lie down.  (I grab the drops and start shaking them)
Me: (almost dropping the . . . drops)  Jesus Christ don’t yell like that! What is it?
C: You have to warm them up in your hand first.
Me: Now you’re just lying. I’ve never heard such a crazy thing.
C: No it says right here on the directions — warm bottle in hands so that the temperature difference doesn’t cause dizziness.
Me: Those must be the wussy baby directions.
C: Well, they didn’t say anything about special directions, it just says it on the label.
Me: They took one look at you and said, “Give her the wussy baby directions.”
C: Do it anyway. It says so on the label. If you don’t follow the directions you’ll go to jail.
Me: Right.  (I proceed to put 3 drops in her ear)
C: It’s cold!! You dripped on my head!
Me: Stop fidgeting then!
C: You didn’t warm them up!
Me: You sat here and watched me snuggle this damn bottle in my palms. Not my fault you have weird ears.
C: You’re no good at this. (pouty lip starts happening)
Me: I was trying to tell you that and now it’s too late. Should have listened to me.

I do feel bad for her, I’ve had TONS of ear infections. A couple years ago I had a middle ear infection so bad I was just sobbing and it was too swollen for the medicine to get in.  So you might think I would be a little more sympathetic, right?  But I’m not.  I’m just all, “suck it up, sicky!”

Oh well.

Decorating ideas

4 05 2010

I need them.  Specifically, I want ideas about how to cover up or re-purpose the fireplace in the upcoming new apartment. If you’re in Austin, you know EXACTLY what kind of fireplace I’m talking about. No mantel, no hearth, just a flat, in-the-wall fireplace with those orange tiles around it.  This is Texas, I don’t need a stupid fireplace. And that is valuable wall space.

So, I definitely want to get a chimney pillow up in there.  One, to stop any drafts and my precious heat/air conditioning from escaping and two, to keep any drips or weirdness from coming down.

But then what? Do I shove a small bookcase inside? Put a bookcase in front?  Here’s my thing: I have NO problem putting something in front of it, like a table, but I absolutely do NOT want to be able to see the fireplace through some other piece of furniture. I think that just might drive me crazy.  Should I paint a piece of board and stick it in front? Big dramatic curtains?  Oh wait, no curtains.  I want my giant mirror above the fireplace. With my gorgeous henna sconces that my mother covets.  (She’s NEVER getting them, by the way.  Unless both C and I meet an untimely end. In which case, I will still probably haunt my mother just to be able to look at my sconces. I like them that much.)

So send me ideas, please.  My brain is too tired to be inventive.


You be the judge

28 04 2010

It’s time for my favorite game: You Be the Judge!

Today’s topic — dedicated or sucker?

I started work yesterday at 1 pm. I worked until 11:30 pm. Around 1:30 am, I checked my work email to see if I had gotten answer on part of a project I’m dithering over. There was an email with questions from one of our outsource teams. Curious, I opened it to find a spreadsheet with 3 issues that I was able to easily resolve. I fired off my response and hit send. Then, I realized that the spreadsheet had 2 more tabs, with a total of, yes, 30 more questions and issues. Again, curiosity compelled me to investigate. More digging revealed more problems. I had questions of my own that could only be answered and resolved by the people currently working 3rd shift. At the office. So I went back to work at 3:30 am, got everything taken care of, everything answered, resolved, and addressed with the correct people. And now it’s 6:30 am and I’m finally home again.

So tell me. Am I dedicated and mildly obsessive? Or am I a sucker for going back to work at 3 in the morning?

Dinner gone awry

2 04 2010

It’s been a gorgeous day and the weather was still fantastic when C and I decided to go to dinner.  The weather being as nice as it is, we opted to sit outside on the patio, at a table with a kind of thatched roof/umbrella thing over it.  I was having a good time, eating queso, watching C down her margarita.

A sudden movement by C caught my eye and I looked down to see a giant black bug on the table.  I scooted backwards as quickly as possible while she immediately started reassuring me by chanting “Not a roach, it’s not a roach.”

In hindsight, I wish it had been.

I start demanding that she kill it, she says “Oh, it’s just a beetle!” and scoots it off the table with her hand.

A few seconds later, there is the most horrible smell.  I mean, this is just god awful.  We quickly realize that the beetle has released some foul stank ass spray onto our table and C’s hand.

We start gagging.  She goes inside to wash her hands and the smell begins to dissipate.  However, as soon as she returns the smell comes back which means it’s probably on her sweater and still on her hand.

I decide that I’m more than done eating at this point because hey, a beetle sprayed a terrifying something on the table.  C thinks she’s going to try and finish her fajita, until I mention that I hope the chips don’t smell of beetle butt and she spits her food onto the plate and leaves the table.

I made her drive home with her hand out the window.  And then cut a lemon in half for her to wash with once we got home.

A day in the life

27 03 2010

So, so much has been going on that I don’t even have time to look at my poor neglected blog, much less write in it.

My job.  My job is awesome.  I got a promotion 2 months ago at work and I’m still loving it.  Yes, some things make me crazy and I work a lot and at weird hours but I LOVE it. I’m doing production metrics (kind of) and making training videos with Captivate 4.  I get so lost in work sometimes that hours fly by and then I get overtime.  So far this week I’ve worked 52 hours and I might work more this weekend if my boss doesn’t look like he might go crazy at getting a time sheet for over 60 hours.  We’ll see.

Of course, I’m still working there through the temp agency that hired me for the original job.  I’m really trying to bust ass and be impressive so they’ll offer me a real job one day.  It’s the Pinocchio approach to employment.

What else . . . I went home to Louisiana for a week for a couple of reasons.  The main reason was that my mom had some medical stuff happening, and my dad had a week-long job out of town.  I knew for a fact that woman wouldn’t be eating anything except Sonic and cold cereal, so I went home to help out and to cook.  And boy, did I cook.  Their freezer is filled with containers of a very good tomato vegetable soup.

I also went home to see my brother.  He’s been in the hospital for 5 weeks now due to complications from neglect at his home.  I won’t go into that too much except to say 1) I have a few “caretakers” to slap right in the face and 2) I got so upset seeing him in the hospital that C flew out from Austin after talking to me on the phone.  It was horrible and I hope things start looking up for him.  I felt like my heart was breaking.

And that’s it.  I don’t cook anymore, I don’t have fun.  I work and make money and hope that this leads to something good.  But I’m really happy.

Just like that

22 03 2010

I am so easily surpassed, and so quickly.  Casey, the mad genius who fixed my blender, has started a cooking blog.  Oh, the things he makes.  I actually got to try his wonderful Panna Cotta with strawberry balsamic coulis.  It made me spontaneously recite poetry.  Also, he’s taking better pictures of food than I could ever hope to.  Bastard.

Check him out here.