Various entertainment news

17 07 2009

First off, C and I have canceled our digital cable. We didn’t even replace with basic cable, which leaves us with NO live tv at all, ever. I thought it would be terrible, but it’s not!! Now we watch stuff because we want to watch it, not just to have background noise. Also, our bill from Time Warner went down by 66% or so. Which is awesome. She did, however, get cables to connect one of the laptops to the tv, so now when we watch something online, we’re not huddling around a tiny screen on the couch. It’s working out really nicely.

What else, M went to a Dirty Projectors concert the other night, which prompted me to dig through some of my downloads and listen to them again. I have a lot of music, so much that I don’t always listen to it often enough. And you know what? I’m addicted to this song. A lot. C hates it, because of the repeating, vaguely Asian jangly bit, but I like it. And the chorus is just fantastic and catchy as hell.  Click below and give it a listen.

No Intention – The Dirty Projectors