Song in my head

3 08 2009

Last week I saw (500) Days of Summer on two separate occasions. Once with M, and the second time with C because she wanted to go to the movies, she’s never on remotely the same schedule as my friends, and almost everything else that was playing was either not interesting, at the wrong time, or we had already seen it.

Have I mentioned I go to the movies a lot?

I’ve already mentioned this in a Pajiba thread, but I didn’t like (500) Days of Summer the first time I saw it.  Wait, that’s not true, I liked it okay but I didn’t love it and the more I thought about it the less I liked it. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it and by the time I saw it the second time, I fell in love a little.

Anyway, one song from the movie has been stuck in my head for a week now, “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap.  Great song, and it took me a few minutes to figure out why it sounded familiar—the opening is similar to the opening riff of U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.”  Not that same, by any means, but similar in style.  It’s music that makes you want to walk or run around with a higher purpose and accomplish something. If it backed a scene in a movie, it would definitely be someone running off to find someone or something just in time to resolve the plot (most likely romantic). Urgency and need, that’s what I’m talking about here. With a splash of desperation.  Which sounds terrible on paper, but works really well otherwise.

Want to listen? Click here.

And if you want to see if you agree with me about the U2 similarity, click here.  Please keep in mind that the intro fades in and seems to take forever, so start paying attention around the 17-second mark.

And a question to any readers/commenters: Off the top of your head, can you think of or list any movie scenes with the U2 intro as music? I want to see if I’m right about which scene it would/has worked best for.


Various entertainment news

17 07 2009

First off, C and I have canceled our digital cable. We didn’t even replace with basic cable, which leaves us with NO live tv at all, ever. I thought it would be terrible, but it’s not!! Now we watch stuff because we want to watch it, not just to have background noise. Also, our bill from Time Warner went down by 66% or so. Which is awesome. She did, however, get cables to connect one of the laptops to the tv, so now when we watch something online, we’re not huddling around a tiny screen on the couch. It’s working out really nicely.

What else, M went to a Dirty Projectors concert the other night, which prompted me to dig through some of my downloads and listen to them again. I have a lot of music, so much that I don’t always listen to it often enough. And you know what? I’m addicted to this song. A lot. C hates it, because of the repeating, vaguely Asian jangly bit, but I like it. And the chorus is just fantastic and catchy as hell.  Click below and give it a listen.

No Intention – The Dirty Projectors

Music I listen to on a semi-regular basis

21 12 2008

I posted a Halloween playlist a while ago, but this is my other one, stuff I listen to otherwise.  There’s no real theme, other than the fact that I like all these songs and most of them are fun to harmonize with.  Go and listen, it will brighten your day (maybe).  I didn’t want to post the actual player here, because I don’t like opening web pages and being forced to listen to something.  This way it’s up to you!  Giving you more control, that’s the kind of lady I am.

Sharon’s Playlist

Seasonal music

18 10 2008

I’m making a Halloween playlist for myself.  Not for the specific day, but mostly to enjoy the rest of my favorite month and get into a spooky mood.

You can go listen to it here:

Any suggestions on songs to add?