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I moved here for grad school, but ended up doing something completely different as a career. It’s not bad, but it keeps me so busy that I don’t get to update this blog as much as I used to. I want to write about the various things that go on in my head. Some are weird and funny, some are pretty messed up. Whatever. It’s my head, it can be however it wants to. I also love to cook, so I’ll be posting tons of recipes. I’m just a Louisiana girl out of her element in her new digs. And to ease the pain of no longer getting good seafood, I write on my blog.

I have also started a second blog with my friend, Molly, which talks exclusively about cooking. What we come up with isn’t always pretty, but it’s ours, dammit. Check us out at Fixin’ to Eat.

You can always contact me directly at thefunctionalweirdoATgmailDOTcom


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11 03 2008

No, it can’t. It just can’t! Don’t ask why but it has nothing to do with that chip behind your ear.

11 07 2008

Hey sweetheart! Taylor and I were just sitting here enjoying your wonderful blogumentery! (is that a word!?) I am, as always, eternally thankful I have a friend that rocks just that freaking hard! We miss you a ton, and Taylor and I had a great time as I got to tell her a few stories of our past…
Le sigh… The little cottage I used to live in, parties on Jay St…. My wanna-be skater haircut… Ping pong against you dad. His saving me… I could go on, but work awaits! I love you hun!

13 07 2008
Kerry Ann

I surfed across your blog today and I came to appreciate sense of humor. Your latest had me cracking up. I have added you to my Humor Blog blogroll and was wondering if you might add me to yours? Either way, thanks for the great experience of visiting your site and hope you enjoy mine. Thanks Kerry Ann

3 01 2009

nice work (cranky girlfriend slamming things in the kitchen) i felt like i’d come upon a scrap of paper i’d written about my own girlfriend..except i wasn’t sifting through a drawer but on the laptop. yeah, i guess we just have to get used to the cranky girls and keep on taking care of ourselves with everything bagels and everything else that makes us feel good

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